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Government General Degree College, Keshiary

Government of West Bengal

Telipukur, Tilaboni Mahishamura, Keshiary, Paschim Medinipur, PIN : 721135.

(Affiliated to the Vidyasagar University)


IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
20044 NOTICE for Puja vacation 2021 11-10-202111-11-2021Admission Notice
20043 NOTICE for Puja vacation 2021 11-10-202111-11-2021General Notice
20042 3rd phase application 02-10-202130-11-2021Admission Notice
20041 Vaccination Notice GGDC KESHIARY 28-09-202130-10-2021General Notice
20040 Admission Notice Call for Wish list (reviced) 23-09-202120-10-2021Admission Notice
20039 Admission Notice Call for Wish list 23.09.2021(reviced) 23-09-202120-10-2021Admission Notice
10036 Admission Notice Call for Wish list 19-09-2021 19-09-202130-10-2021Admission Notice
10035 Admission Notice Call for Wish list 19-09-202130-10-2021Admission Notice
34 Special permission would be required from the Vidyasagar University for the applicants who have passed Higher Secondary (HS) Examination before 2019 28-08-202130-09-2021Admission Notice
32 Admission schedule (Important dates) GGDCK 2021-2022 26-08-202130-10-2021Admission Notice
30 Fees structure GGDCK 2021-2022 31-07-202120-09-2021Admission Notice
29 Subject bunching GGDCK 2021-2022 31-07-202120-09-2021Admission Notice
28 Intake capacity GGDCK 2021-2022 31-07-202120-09-2021Admission Notice
27 How to apply for online form fill-up 31-07-202120-09-2021Admission Notice
26 Admission Brochure GGDC Keshiary 2021-2022 31-07-202120-09-2021Admission Notice
25 e-Tender Notice for providing 4 (four) Nos. Security Guard (Memo No. T-011/GGDCK/2021 Date: 27.02.2021) 27-02-202130-09-2021Tender Notice
24 e-Tender Notice for providing 4 (four) Nos. Security Guard (Ex-servicemen) without gun for guarding the Govt. General Degree College at Keshiary 14-08-202030-09-2021Tender Notice
23 Notice of Financial Bid Opening 14.08.2020 14-08-202030-09-2021Tender Notice
22 e-Tender Notice GGDC, Keshiary 24.07.2020 24-07-201930-09-2021Tender Notice
21 Development and hosting of the online Under Graduate admission procedure of Government General Degree College, Keshiary for the academic session 2020-2021 07-07-202030-09-2021Tender Notice
20 Hosting of the online admission procedure for the academic session 2019-2020 Memo No. 143(A)/GGDCK/19 Date: 02.05.2019 25-05-201930-09-2021Tender Notice
19 Notice inviting quotation Providing Security Personnel Memo No. 82 /GGDCK/19 Date: 20.02.2019 20-02-201930-09-2021Tender Notice
18 Tender for Refilling of fire extinguishers 18-12-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
17 Tender Notice 04-12-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
16 CORRIGENDUM TO E-TENDER NOTIFICATION 29-10-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
15 Notice 05-10-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
14 Notice 25-09-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
13 Notice 29-08-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
12 Notice Inviting Qualification-cum-Tender (2 cover system) 13-07-201830-09-2021Tender Notice
8 Notice-VU_Sem 6_Exam. 2021_23.07.2021 31-07-202120-09-2021Exam Notice
7 Notice-VU_Dispute notification to colleges_31.07.2021 31-07-202120-09-2021Exam Notice
6 Notice_GGDCK-105-2021, 31.7.2021_VU_Sem 6 Exam., 2021_31.07.2021 31-07-202120-09-2021Exam Notice
5 UG Admission Notice AY 2021-2022_GGDC Keshiary 31-07-202120-09-2021General Notice