Government General Degree College, Keshiary

Government of West Bengal, Affiliated to the Vidyasagar University

Telipukur, Tilaboni Mahishamura, Keshiary, Paschim Medinipur, PIN : 721135.

Department of English

Introduction of English

The Department of English of GGDC, Keshiary started its journey with its noble mission to impart quality higher education to the intended students in 2015. Since its very inception the department has been playing very active and important roles to foster love for English language and literature among the aspirants by a dedicated team of highly qualified faculty members who are dynamic and pro-students. The Department of English at present offers undergraduate programme in both B.A. (Hons) and B.A. (General) in English language and literature with a view to help the students know and appreciate the science of language and the literary works of English to acquaint them with the contemporary trends in English literature and language and to develop literary and linguistic aptitudes of their own.

About the Department

The Department of English, GGDC, Keshiary since its very inception in the remote area of West Medinipur amidst the backdrop of Shaldanga Jungle has been playing a very active and dynamic role to enlighten the students fostering in them a love for English language and literature. The objective of the Department of English is to make the students familiar with the contemporary trends in English language and literature. It aims at creating a holistic, analytical and critical perspective among the aspirants. Attention is also given to groom the critical faculty of the students by organising students’ seminars and presentations from time to time.

From the Desk of HOD

Welcome to the Department of English, GGDC, Keshiary. We are delighted to have you in our family. Whether you are creative, curious, innovative or simply you- there is a place for you at the English Department. We are here to support you and help you excel throughout your journey at GGDC, Keshiary or beyond. Through engagement with a breadth of texts, both classic and contemporary, we leave no stone unturned to instil among the students a passion for English language and literature which will enable them to become lifelong readers and critical thinkers. Our students are not only given insights into other cultures through curriculum but also they are given opportunity for creativity, self- expression and personal development through seminars, popular talks and publication of wall magazine time to time. We encourage our students to be out and out inquisitive and explore how the written word can help them communicate effectively and appropriately in a range of environments and discourses.

Our Faculty

Md Ataur Rahaman
Assistant Professor & HOD
M. A.

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