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Right to Information

In a democratic society, transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of good governance. The Right to Information (RTI) Act, enacted in India in 2005, is a powerful tool that empowers citizens to actively participate in the governance process by providing them access to information held by public authorities.

The RTI Act ensures that every citizen has the right to request information from public authorities, making government institutions more accessible and accountable to the people they serve. This legislation has brought about a significant shift in the relationship between the government and its citizens, fostering greater transparency, accountability, and responsiveness.

For the students of Government General Degree College, Keshiary, the RTI cell acts to promote transparency and accountability in governance along with fostering an active and informed citizenry, preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information. Transparency of information is also maintained. The cell is always focused to render quick responses.

As per section 3 of the RTI Act, any Indian citizen can seek information under the Act.

Right to Information Act 2005: View RTI 2005

Right to Information Act 2019: View RTI 2019

The full text of the Act and frequently asked questions for implementation of the act are available on the website: and

Details of State Public Information Officer (u/s 5(2) Details of State Assistant Public Information Officer (u/s 5(2) Details of Appellate Authority [u/s 19(1)]
1)Name and Designation 2)E-mail ID and Mobile Number 1)Name and Designation 2)E-mail ID and Mobile Number 1)Name and Designation 2)E-mail ID and Mobile Number
Dr. Sutapa Ray, Assistant Professor in Chemistry Email:
Mobile No.: 7908762257
Dr. Nilay Kumar Maitra, Assistant Professor in Botany Email:
Mobile No.: 9831397985
Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty, Assistant Professor in Zoology and Officer in Charge Email:
Mobile No.: 9433602565

Any application in this respect may be sent to:

  1. Dr. Sutapa Ray , State Public Information Officer, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Government General Degree College, Keshiary