Government General Degree College, Keshiary

Government of West Bengal, Affiliated to the Vidyasagar University

Telipukur, Tilaboni Mahishamura, Keshiary, Paschim Medinipur, PIN : 721135.

Mission & Vision


“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”- Swami Vivekananda

Government General Degree College, Keshiary finds conviction in the valued statement which reaffirms our mission to shape human resource for the service of this great nation. Accordingly our college provides an atmosphere for all round development of the students, thus, making them acquainted with its perceived goal. This holistic approach intends to shape the young minds by widening the vista of exposure of the students beyond the standard limitations of the syllabi through active involvement in cultural meets, debates, competitions, games and sports, social services, etc. The institution leaves no stone unturned to contribute to the building of our nation by providing every opportunity to its students and other stakeholders, a teaching-learning ethos which is value-based and self-introspective in nature, fit for meeting the challenges of the modern world.


Government General Degree College, Keshiary was established in the year 2015 in the remote rural area of Keshiary block amidst the backdrop of Lenga Mara Forest Range, under the Kharagpur Subdivision of the district Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. This citadel of higher learning is governed by the rules and regulations of the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal and envisions:

  1. To impart holistic education to the students;
  2. To provide them with ample learning experiences and opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas;
  3. To guide them towards the optimum use of their knowledge and skills, and
  4. To empower them to become enlightened, empathetic and socially responsible citizens of the future by instilling in them values of integrity, inclusivity, dedication, freedom, justice, love and confidence thereby shaping them to be brave and competent agents of positive social transformation.

Most of the students of the college are first generation learners from economically challenged and backward society. To synthesise the need for social upliftment and the creation of an egalitarian society based on equality and justice, the institute moves on for the pursuit of academic excellence and search for new horizons of knowledge. Currently, the college is temporarily affiliated to the Vidyasagar University and the University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India has awarded the college with 2f certifications in the year 2018. The institute dreams to earn laurels and sustain its relevance in the forthcoming time, through self- introspections and innovations in phased manner:

Next five years vision:

  1. To develop a hub of higher learning in its catchment area so as to inspire the socially and economically challenged youth to accept higher education as a scope to nurture their future dreams;
  2. To create a teaching-learning environment with scopes for equal opportunity irrespective of gender, caste and economic solvency;
  3. To inspire the students to develop skills out of their curriculum for self-identity and self-esteem;
  4. To motivate the students to etch their mark through active participation in the competitive job sector and still higher learning;
  5. To get itself awarded with the UGC 12B certification for better financial mobility;
  6. To get itself accredited by agencies of national significance like NAAC in order to evaluate its level of contribution to the stakeholders.

Next ten years vision:

  1. To open up new academic departments to widen the scope of higher learning for the future students based on greater options and alternatives;
  2. To actively involve the alumni for a dynamic and motivational growth of the institution;
  3. To develop a holistic campus with all modern amenities like playground, indoor and outdoor games facilities, gymnasium, auditorium, hostel, etc.
  4. To evolve as a centre of research activities and skill based job training centre.

Next twenty years vision:

  1. To be recognized as a premium institute of higher learning for undergraduate as well as post graduate courses and an acclaimed centre for research and development activities.


The perceived objectives of Government General Degree College, Keshiary are:

  1. to provide the best of academic as well as extracurricular exposures, both material and intellectual, to create conscientious young graduates who would venture out into the world equipped with requisite knowledge and skills for betterment of self and society;
  2. to equip our students with the aptitude of critical thinking, innovation and experimentation that enable them to become leaders and entrepreneurs in the prevailing transformative society.

Core Values

The motto of the Vidyasagar University encapsulates the core values of humankind to impart knowledge to the community and every individual of the society in a manner that empowers them to be moulded into responsible and sensible human beings. As a constituent college and being located in the rural area, Government General Degree College, Keshiary administers directly the major aims and the core values of Vidyasagar University that guide our institution. Dedication, hard work, commitment and the ability to surmount challenges with fortitude within the ethical and moral compass of righteousness and honesty are the principals on which our institution builds a future. The core value of the institution is further boosted by the inlaid principles of the National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP, 2020) of the Government of India, which emphasise on the five entities namely Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability. The national educational policy acts as a guiding star for the institute while it inculcates the seeds of wisdom and entrepreneurship among the young citizens of India.